Baden-Baden 2004
Gallery 8

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June 26, 2004 bus trip to Munich
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Sleeping  bus beauties
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Dachau Concentration camp- "Work will free you" Barbed-wire fence around Dachau
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Gunda's birthday at the Augustiner Garten - She had a piece of birthday cake from her host mother and washes it down with Apfelschorle= Apple juice with mineral water. June 27, 2004

Brochures in front of the University from the White Rose Anti-Nazi resistence group

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University fountain in Munich TV tower at the Olympic Stadium in Munich A view from the TV tower platform
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A view from the TV tower platform
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German Hyroglyphics read by American tourists Munich Royal Residence and Treasury Sven rests before going through the Royal Residence and Treasury 
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Crown jewels
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Hofbräuhaus evening meal and show
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Hofbräuhaus show got some Long Prairie students onto the dance floor.    Oh my is Sven dancing?
Baden-Baden 2004