Baden-Baden 2004
Gallery 6

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In front of the MLG graffitti wall before leaving for Straßburg on June 23rd 

MLG school yard MLG school tower- a Baden-Baden Landmark From Exchange 2004 with love. My students were in charge of photography in France.  
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In Straßburg, France on a swing bridge in the district of town called "Le Petite France" Pheasant bridge - French and German street signs in Straßburg, France A former Women's prison on the Ill river Buildings on the Ill river in  "Le Petite France"
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Boat tour of the Ill river in Straßburg Gorgeous churches on the shore of the Ill Grovey French girls??
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Look at all the ILL American tourists on the ILL boat tour Views from the boat
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The lock in the river Ill to raise and lower the water level for transportation purposes French transportation


Strassburger Cathedral
Baden-Baden 2004