Baden-Baden 2004
Gallery 3

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The Trier Cathdral - Gothic Kreuzgang Cathedral court yard Cathedral stain glass windows Bear bubble blower in front of a toy store in Trier
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Basillica in Trier- Roman Palace which is now a church Interior of the Basillica Two architectural styles next to each other- Classic and Baroque The  Emporer's Thermal Springs/Baths in Trier on the Mosel river
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The walls of the Emporer's Thermal Springs/Baths- Otto, Hedwig und Anneliese are not afraid of the heights!? Inside the Emporer's Thermal Springs/Baths Sven in front of the Karl Marx Museum- Karl Marx was born in Trier.
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Interesting fasades in the pedestrian zone LPGE students were welcomed by the MLG students and the Principal.
Baden-Baden 2004