Baden-Baden 2002
Photo Gallery 3

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Merkur hike: view from the top Fallon: "Nik, look over there.  Those trees are down because of hurricane Lothar." Just like kids. Frau Lu hasn't done this in a while. 
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Taking the Merkur tram down Mike's bikes tour in Munich In front of the university in Munich: the White Rose brochures. LPGE/Melrose beggars
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Hofbräuhaus dancers with their admirers

Todd's birthday dance Missy and Steph getting ready for the May pole dance. Karoake- Todd and Austin are "too sexy" for this website.
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Dachau- Concentration camp outside of Munich Ludwig II's castle: Neuschwanstein A view from the Marien bridge A view down from the Marien bridge
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Oberammergau - House paintings:  Little Red Riding Hood A Barock church in Oberammergau Oberammergau - House paintings Ludwig II's castle fountain: Linderhof
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Ludwig II's castle: Linderhof
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